Spring CACIL at Laferté sur Amance

First competition of the year for my misses, everybody did well (even Dixie didn’t make a clown of herself). Bad luck for the first race, they ran with “go-fast” whippets that let them see only their rear. It’s fair game and we must copt with it. So they didn’t won this time but they did not disappoint me. We took advantage of Valérie‘s presence to take nice portrait pictures of the two young ones




And Honey

20160326_0033 20160326_0029

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Happy new year 2016

To all that’ll see it 


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Laferté sur Amance (F) CACIL 2015 april the 4th.

Saturday, april the 4th, the Keep on Running family braved the freezing temperatures, the wind and most of all the rain for a little camp in Haute-Marne (Champagne-Ardennes) where a CACIL coursing took place for the Easter week-end. Dixie, Gwendolyn and Honey had to show a great deal of courage to get out of the car in spite of the weather and even the idea of chasing the “rabbit” had trouble to motivate them.

But as soon as they get on the field, nothing more mattered, and the awful weather was instantly forgotten (at least as long as the chase was lasting)

Pictures taken by Valérie from the Atelier des bois
Keep on Running Here Comes the Sun AKA Honey CACIL CACP

Keep on Running Here Comes the Sun AKA Honey

Keep on Running Good Day Sunshine AKA Gwendolyn RCACIL RCACP

Keep on Running Good Day Sunshine AKA Gwendolyn

Dixie : you can leave your hat muzzle on
Keep on Running Dixie's Blue Note's strip tease

Keep on Running Dixie's Blue Note AKA Dixie

Keep on Running Dixie's Blue Note

Gwendolyn et Honey in the afternoon
Gwendolyn and Honey in the afternoon

And it turned out very well for them, as when the awards ceremony took place…

Les récompenses de Honey et Gwendolyn

Honey got the CACIL and CACP, as Gwendolyn got the RCACIL and RCACP.

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Aywaille (B) CACIL 2015 march the 22nd

For the Aywaille CACIL, Dixie, Gwendolyn, her sister Gwen and Honey were registered. Unfortunatelly, the weather was polar, rainy, windy and cold. This didn’t cool the whippets of the Keep on Running Family down. Gwen in the morning, in spite of an evident overweight, kept pace (oder should I say race ?) with Gazette, the best belgian whippet bitch of the moment, ending 5th of 18 participants as Honey followed on her heels ending 6th.

We had the great pleasure to meet with Dusty, Gwen and Gwendolyn’s daddy, at this coursing, here posing with his daughters :

from left to right : Gwen, Gwendolyn and Dusty

Gwen, Gwendolyn, Dusty

and back at home, the next day, the mother and her daugthers

Gwendolyn, Gwen, Candy

Gwendolyn, Gwen, Candy

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Show-performance challenge in Allier

On saturday the 14th. of march 2015 the Marcillat en Combraille coursing took place, coupled with the international dog show of Montluçon on the 15th. of march 2015. Four whippets of the Keep on Running Family were running at this Coursing. Gwendolyn made the best of it finishing 3rd. on 17 female whippets. For the show, only Gwendolyn and Honey were entered, but neither had success. The most striking fact of this week-end was the most cold weather : rainy and soaking on saturday, sunny on sunday.

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