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Author Archives: crocowebmaster

finish line

It’s the last week of Gwendolyn’s pregnancy. We can follow what will happen during this week at the “puppies” page.

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Summary of the plot

Gwendolyn is a cheerful and carefree whippet. She shares her life between squeaker plushes, balls and blankets. She chases a white plastic chimera with all her heart and as a relaxation after exertion, follows the link that takes, forever her prey farther and farther. Norman whippet from birth, she’s a land rather than a see … Continue reading »

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A new crime book in Crocoland : to be released at the end of march 2017

Come and have a look here to know more about this mystery, till, at least, the suspense ends.

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Great fanfare retiring

Now it’s done : Keep on Running Dixie’s Blue Note is officially, till the 1st january of this year a retired whippet. She finally ran her last coursing at Laferté sur Amance, in Champagne Ardenne (or perhaps should I say Great Est, or Right of Frane or whatever stupid name this region lately was given  😀 ). … Continue reading »

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Happy New Year for 2017

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