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Aywaille (B) CACIL 2015 march the 22nd

For the Aywaille CACIL, Dixie, Gwendolyn, her sister Gwen and Honey were registered. Unfortunatelly, the weather was polar, rainy, windy and cold. This didn’t cool the whippets of the Keep on Running Family down. Gwen in the morning, in spite of an evident overweight, kept pace (oder should I say race ?) with Gazette, the … Continue reading »

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Happy birthday

The 17th of mars Bayou, Candy, Mary, Blue, James and Bridget were celebreting their 8th birthday.

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Galahad’s celebrating his first year

Galahad would like to be tightrope walker Always eager to show some caper to please her (not so now) little owner Am I to have my present now ? Oh dear, that’s a toy !!! Thank you so much Field mouses were found in our house, we keep an eye on their releasing, they were … Continue reading »

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girl’s football

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First birthday for the knightpets of the Round Table

One year ago The girls are at home to celebrate their first birthday Great Dragon paied a visit to Garou for his birthday and offered him a brand new crocolandish rabbit with a big squeaker He also was offered a very big bone

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