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Monthly Archives: Tuesday August 28th, 2012

Take a bite out of life

last day at the Crocoland summer camp for Gwen, then she went home Harley’s not afraid by “violence” of his cousins’ games

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To become good runners

let’s start with some streching then some meditation to win, you must learn to release your innermost energy And here we go !!!

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On the other side

come out and join me Can’t, I’m behind the bars then, we must call Nanny Hey, the white ones, the door’s open, all you have to do is walk around… those ones really make me fell up side down

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Crocoland’s wildlife

The monkey : I’ll teach you gymnastics That’s how you do it ! Hope and the foxe, that sounds a bit like the title of an aesop’s fable Honey just made an apparition and then just burst out just for fun Honey and the tadpole ball

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Galahad’s celebrating his first year

Galahad would like to be tightrope walker Always eager to show some caper to please her (not so now) little owner Am I to have my present now ? Oh dear, that’s a toy !!! Thank you so much Field mouses were found in our house, we keep an eye on their releasing, they were … Continue reading »

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