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First birthday for the knightpets of the Round Table

Posted by on Friday August 17th, 2012

One year ago
les bébés de Candy le 17 août 2011

The girls are at home to celebrate their first birthday

Great Dragon paied a visit to Garou for his birthday and offered him a brand new crocolandish rabbit with a big squeaker
Garou et son lapin du Crocoland

He also was offered a very big bone
Y a un os

One Response to First birthday for the knightpets of the Round Table

  1. DEGONDE Charlotte

    Les chiots de la table ronde sont vraiment mignons <3 <3<3 Notre chien Gareth fait exactement la même position pour dormir que le whippet sur la photo 3 ,on voit que c 'est la même famille !!!

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