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Summary of the plot

Posted by on Saturday February 18th, 2017

Gwendolyn is a cheerful and carefree whippet. She shares her life between squeaker plushes, balls and blankets. She chases a white plastic chimera with all her heart and as a relaxation after exertion, follows the link that takes, forever her prey farther and farther. Norman whippet from birth, she’s a land rather than a see whippet, though she likes large iodized spaces where on can figures one self catching a falsly lazy seagull.


Titus is a classical and gentle whippet, frequenting trendy backgrounds,where his good looks of handsome blond whippet can’t be ignored. Son of the North Sea, he’s happy running on Bray-Dune’s beach with all the stamina of his youth.


This day, the retiring see had let frozen wrinkles on the sand. The sea-foam had build up into a fluffy and salted snow. On the beach, children were trying and give it a human form, ephemeral sculptures intended to disappear at the next high tide.


neige de mer

Titus and Gwendolyn met there but what occured must be kept “sub rosa”…

Bray Dune

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