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Gwendolyn’s 2nd CACIL

Posted by on Sunday October 5th, 2014

After having won the CACIL of Barlin on 2014 June the 14th, Gwendolyn did it again and won the one of Laferté sur Amance on 2014 october the 3rd. This time again, she was best whippet of the day and furthermore, best dog of the day with the highest score. As she ran at Amermont (Belgium) the previous week, in spite of lesser results, she wins the “Fall Challenge” too wich takes place every year between the fall coursings of “Veille et Protège” in Belgium and “Lévriers Champagne Ardennes” in France.

I’m proud of my little ones as Dixie is 3rd. and Honey 4th. The second run was a fratricidal duel between Gwendolyn (Keep on Running Good Day Sunshine) and Favi (Meradith Favourite Everyone), both daughters of Dusty (Koseilata’s Dust on the Moon), that ends with the CACIL for Gwendolyn and the RCACIL for Favi.

Photos graciously given by “Lévriers Champagne Ardennes” where the event took place
podium femelles whippet
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3 Responses to Gwendolyn’s 2nd CACIL

  1. Christine

    Une super 2ème manche entre les 2 demi-sœurs, que les juges n’ont même pas réussi à départager !
    Félicitations encore à Gwendoline ♥

    • crocowebmaster

      Eh oui, je suis fière que Gwendolyn fasse aussi bien que sa demie-soeur qui est une sacrée “crack” !

  2. Mac

    Super extra, félicitations à la famille. Super de voir ta joie bien méritée Nanny
    Léchouilles aux Andouilles et à Nanny

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