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CACS Bailleul Sur Thérain

Posted by on Tuesday May 28th, 2013

Sunday, mai the 26th, we were at a small dog show, near Beauvais. I had entered Gwen, Gwendolyn and Honey. I was happy enjoying Brigitte’s company and she was my photographer of the day, so that I’ll have happy memories of this if not sunny at least dry day as we have had no rain (and that’s enough scarce nowadays to mention).

Now, here come the pictures, with Gwen in intermediate class. She behaved very well, knowing she had had no ring training at all

the height measurement

Very well, she’s first of her class

Now it’s Gwendolyn’ turn, in working class (she needed only two coursing to fulfil the conditions allowing her entering in working class in national shows, for CACIB, she’ll need at least running three more CACIL).

starting up and speeding away…

You’re looking at me aren’t you ?

Gwendolyn won her class too (they were four in her class)

and now, Gwen is back, handled by Brigitte (note that she can be everywhere at one : taking picture and the same time handling Gwen 😀 ) for the CACS judgement

followed by Gwendolyn

and an other grand-daughter of Spike (Multi CH Taraly Malcom X) : Fille de Fleur à la Promenade du Roi (unfortunately, I haven’t any picture of this nice young lady). Gwendolyn got the CACS and Gwen, her sister the RCACS.

Then, it was little Honey’s turn, in the young class (alone in her class)

Really ? One must stretch itself ? I’ll give you a first-rate streching…

What ? It’s too much ? Yet the knuckles are strictly vertical…

Ok, let’s be serious

Finaly, Gwendolyn was “Best of Breed” and furthermore 3rd of the Best of the Tenth Group : what a nice day !

One Response to CACS Bailleul Sur Thérain

  1. Mac

    Bravo les Filles !!! J’adore la séance d’étirement 🙂

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