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Let’s go toward new adventures

Posted by on Sunday January 20th, 2013

Harley has gone with his new family yesterday. It was a long trip but a comfortable one set just against his new “mother” (and with a car safety harness to prevent any risk of accident)
last cuddle with his sister, huddled together against the heater

and the journey began

He’s been very quiet during the journey, has got hom at the very end of the afternoon and was very happy to find lots of toys awaiting him. 

2 Responses to Let’s go toward new adventures

  1. Karinne Bontems

    Oui, tout c’est bien passé ! Et s’est un véritable bonheur !
    Merci ne nous l’avoir confié ! Il deviendra un beau prince, rapide comme le vent, canaille comme un gentil brigand ! Brigand ? Non pardon, ça c’est déjà fait !!!

  2. crocowebmaster

    Comment ? Harley serait un chiot espiègle ? Mince alors, je ne m’en étais pas rendu compte 😀
    Je vous souhaite beaucoup de bonheur avec ce petit coeur sur pattes :mrgreen:

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