Happy birthday

The 17th of mars Bayou, Candy, Mary, Blue, James and Bridget were celebreting their 8th birthday.

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Sunday’s rest

After a coursing, we deserve a day bathing in the sun
For Gwendolyn it”s “never without my ball”

Even when her sister and her cousin wish to play, the most important thing is to keep her ball

Rescue my ball please !

Hey take it easy !

No, I won’t run with you, I stay there with my ball !

Ah the kids…

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Spring 2014 at Marcillat en Combrailles

First coursing of the year for the Keep on Running Family. Very cold day with a milky light. If the results were not necessarily what I expected, everybody was fit and willing to course that “blasted rabbit”.


He was limping when the second run was about, so I withdrew him, but the limping was already gone in the evening, so I suppose it was nothing very serious. A little rest should fix it.

Honey, running with Gwen/Guenièvre in the morning in a trio (where the three competitors lost the lure) and could not give the full extent of her talent

Dixie, most lure-driven, who ran with Gwendolyn in the mornin and with Gwen/Guenièvre in the afternoon, in short a family affair

Ma little white one arriving after the battle is over

Little Gwendolyn, , not given her own deserved record I think, but it’s hard to tell as from where I stood, I could hardly see the course.

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As if the spring were already there

The last days of winter look a little bit like spring
The quince tree is already in bloom, whereas last year, we had to wait until the beginning of june…

The “crocobeach” operation has already begun, the beach attendant has laid the sunbathing mattresses out again

Versa is nursing her health back by lying in the sun

Honey is taking the same approach

This early spring let Mary thoughful

In full effort

Gwendolyn believes she heard “something”

the last snow-drops of the year

The primeroses in full bloom

The rosemary a bit early

It’s time to have a drink

The gossipers in watch

After all, there’s not enough place for two

Do you want a squeaker concert ?


the gentle warmth of the sun

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Look at me in the eyes…

Hard time to begin with in 2014 so I’m late to wish you all the best for 2014. To make amends, a little composition withe Honey as guest star

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